Chattahoochee Technical College

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The University System of Georgia has been consolidating many of it's Technical institutions in the past few years. Chattahoochee Technical College merged with Appalachian Technical College and North Metro Technical College. The new logo reflects the merging of the three institutions through the use of the three lines that represent them while simultaneously bringing the idea of the Chattahoochee river to mind through the gentle wave shape of the lines and the gold square.

MKM Innovation group

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MKM Innovation Group, is a leader in the field of combining innovative technology and construction methods. The result is a streamlined and cost effective method of creation from start to finish. The logo was designed to reflect the modern, innovative feel of the technology employed in MKM's methods and resembles a drone.

Asian American Hotel Owner's Association

This logo was developed for the association's 20th anniversary and was used on all convention materials for AAHOA that year. The lotus symbolizes beauty and strength flourishing in the most unlikely circumstances and is strongly associated with India. The lotus also reflects the nature of the group's strong growth and prosperity from it's humble beginnings.

Mitzvah for the mikvah

The theme for the second annual Mitzvah for the Mikvah, which benefits MACoM, was Honoring Synagogue Service Action Heroes. Pulling from a wide array of congregations and people of faith from all walks of life, this year's logo needed to be reflective of that multi-cultral aspect as well as the faith-based nature of the event. The stained glass look of the stylized word "heroes" demonstrates the interconnected nature of the honorees and those attending the event in support of the Mikvah and it's religious services.

Atlanta Pediatric Dental specialists

Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists  wanted to update their logo as they were in the process of creating a new website. Dr. Krieger is an art aficionado and collects folk art that he uses to decorate the office. The resulting look of the practice is whimsical, playful and colorful, perfect for a child centered dentistry practice. The new logo needed to reflect this feeling of whimsy and folk art, while also appearing modern and clean with a nod to the fact that this is a dental practice. After reviewing the majority of the art works in the office, it was apparent that the bird was a common and recurring motif in the artwork used. Additionally, the idea of having a small bird in the logo is a nod to the nature of the practice's patients, children who are ever growing and eventually grow and leave the nest. While they are young, the practice nurtures and cares for them and their dental health.

Culture Bridge

A cross-cultural consulting company that provides education and insights into foreign cultures for individuals and businesses. The logo uses the words that make up the company name to create the bridge structures and the blue curved line connects the two sides of the bridge and spans the gulf between them, in the same way that the services of the company bring two differing cultures together in understanding. The blue line also is a subtle nod to the curve of the horizon of the earth, which speaks to the global nature of the company without using a literal visual of a globe.

A-ACtion Bail Bonds

A-Action Bail Bonds has been in business for over 20 years and was in need of a refurbishing of their logo. Since the company's old logo was well branded, we decided it was best to stay close to the original concept in execution. I took the original idea of the handcuffs and incorporated them into the company name in a clean, streamlined manner. It was important to also portray the cuffs in a manner that implies that they are being opened, rather than closed.  The cleaner execution of the logo, along with the use of the calming colors of blue and gray, lend a professional and calming feel to the logo, which accurately reflects how the company is run and the professionalism of the staff.

Roni Ryan Photography

Roni Ryan is a talented photographer  located in Marietta, Georgia. The logo reflects the gentle and playful nature of her photography, which captures the inner essence of her family portraiture.

Below are a few of the above logos with explanation of their intended uses and development.

Viva Vidi

A digitizing service for photographs and video tapes that allows for easier storage and management of personal photographs.A relatively new service at the time, the tag line is incorporated into the logo for easy understanding of the services as well as the film strip icon.

The Pink Valise

An upscale women's clothing boutique in Thomasville, Georgia, The Pink Valise specializes in contemporary and designer junior, misses and plus size apparel. The owners wanted a logo to reflect the nature of their business in a clean and sophisticated style. Pink and black are their signature colors and were worked into the logo to support the overall branding. Originally intended to be a web based business, a brick and mortar store was opened within 6 months of the brand launching.

Georgia Northwest TEchnical College

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Northwestern Technical College merged with Coosa Valley Technical College to create Georgia Northwestern Technical College. The two institutions are represented by the two different mountains, with the path down the middle leading to the name of the new college. The mountains are important imagery in the logo as GNTC is set in a mountainous region of the state.

Marietta Blues Bash

Marietta Blues Bash is an event hosted by Sheriff Warren and his wife in support of The Extension. This will be an annual event in Marietta that celebrates the best in blues music and local food while supporting the excellent rehabilitative services The Extension provides the community. The event logo was developed to showcase the cool and soulful nature of blues music. The background shape is a guitar pick, and the players and guitar are accentuated with flames which represent the dynamic and cool nature of the music. The colors used harken back to the music promotion posters from the 60's.

Lanier Technical College

Work done through Partners Marketing

Lanier Technical College was in need of an updated logo. While they wanted to acknowledge their surroundings on Lake Lanier, a popular recreation area in north Georgia, they wanted to ensure they did not come across as an entertainment facility. Many institutions in that region of the state incorporate mountains into their logos, so they wanted to stay close to the uniqueness of their proximity to Lake Lanier. The color scheme reflects the natural beauty of the area, the "waves" speak to the nearby lake, and the stylized "A" the boating that is a popular pastime at Lake Lanier. The bold serif font indicates the studious nature of the institution, as does the size of the words Technical College.